Deliver outsized returns by supporting breakthrough technologies and disruptive business models in the rapidly growing space industry

Alpine Space Ventures is the leading European investment fund manager in the NewSpace sector. We invest in the most promising technologies around space-borne connectivity and data and aim to play a key role in shaping the European NewSpace industry. 

  • NewSpace
  • Connectivity & Data
  • 15 Companies max.
  • Series-A
  • €1–5m initially
  • Tech & industry expertise
With ASV as a partner, we can rely on deep experience covering the development of complex technical systems but also a profound understanding of market dynamics. I am not aware of any other space-focused VC that gets close to this.
Walter Ballheimer, Founder & CEO, Reflex Aerospace


Alpine Space Ventures’ unique selling point is the wealth of technical and industry experience our team brings to the table. More than 50 combined years spent at SpaceX and in the European NewSpace ecosystem have equipped us with a deep understanding of complex technical systems and the ability to identify key market opportunities and tackle the most challenging yet promising projects with our founders.

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ASV helps us conquer the new space market of tomorrow. Through ASV’s network, we gained our first customers in the US. On top of that, our team benefits tremendously from our exchange with ASV’s tech team. We solve complex technical problems much faster.
Bastian Behrens, Founder & CEO, Blackwave


We are avid learners with a strong track record in building and funding successful NewSpace companies. We look for patterns and unseen innovation at the same time. We team up with our founders. As an early-stage investor, we target companies at series-A stage and deploy tickets between €1-5m, with the potential for significantly larger tickets over the lifetime of the company. We deliberately chose to invest into a maximum of 15 companies in order to be able to go the extra mile with each founding team we support. 

We could not have wished for a better lead investor for our series-A. The team’s input on topics such as production scaling but also their network and embeddedness in the European space ecosystem add tremendous value to our business.
Daniel Bock, Founder & CEO, Morpheus Space


The space industry is undergoing a radical transformation. In the US, SpaceX has quickly outstripped traditional space companies and become the most valuable private space company in the world. In Europe, we are seeing a surge in the emergence of innovative private space companies that are working on technologies and approaches that have the potential to revolutionize not only the space industry, but also a wide range of other industries including agriculture, automotive, maritime, logistics, insurance, weather, telecommunications, navigation, and energy. These are the types of companies Alpine Space Ventures focuses on. 

Connectivity & Data

Alpine Space Ventures focuses on the two NewSpace value chains with the strongest market demand and the shortest way to commercialization: Satellite connectivity and geospatial data.

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NewSpace technologies, particularly in the areas of connectivity and data, have not only become political priorities but also crucial tools to build a more sustainable future on Earth and in space.  

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After working in fields where space technology is used to make life on Earth safer, more sustainable and more efficient on our individual career paths, this shared vision has become the underlying foundation of our work at Alpine Space Ventures. With our diversified team, we are committed to finding and building tomorrow’s industry leaders.

Catriona Chambers

Technical Director

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Hans Koenigsmann

Technical Advisor

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